Welcome Family and Loved Ones!


Website was down yesterday. If you came to our website and saw the "Account Disabled" message, it was NOT your account. It was our website account. We are currently working on createing a new website. We will be doing a fund raising drive soon. If this website is helpful to you, we hope you will contribute.

On-line meetings available!

1. "Google Meet" meeting for Gamers in recovery (OLGA) and family members (OLG-Anon) on Sunday evening at 9:00 PM Eastern time. You must be logged into your gmail account to join. If you don't have one, please contact olga@olganon.org.  Here is the link to the "Google Meet" meeting room:  "Google Meet" meeting room 

Hope to see you there! Click here for more information about these meetings - "Google Meet" meeting Information   If you have questions about the meetings or getting into the meeting or want to talk, call the hot-line 612-245-1115. We will assist you. 

2. "ZOOM" meeting for Gamers (OLGA) and family members (OLG-Anon) on MONDAY evening at 7:30 PM Eastern time. Here is the link to the "ZOOM" meeting (4-18-2021 This is a new link....) : Zoom meeting room . Julian is the chairperson for the OLGA meeting and Leavenwoman is the chairperson for the OLG-Anon meeting. Private message them if you have questions. Logon info for family HERE. Logon info for gamers HERE

3. On-line chat meeting for parents held THURSDAYS 9 PM Eastern Time. Go here to go OLGAnon Meeting Chatroom. (You must be logged in to enter the OLGAnon chatroom).

Click here for Face-to-face meeting locations

Books now available!

With the direction the world is heading today, EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK!  "The Toxic Dangers of Video Games.: Things you need to know about video games and the internet".  It is now available for purchase. Click here for more information and to purchase this book. This is our SECOND Outreach for On-Line Gamers Anonymous® book.

Our FIRST Outreach for On-Line Gamers Anonymous® book: “Your Son Did NOT Die in Vain” is available. This is the story of what was behind the creation of OLGA. Click here for more information and to purchase this book. 




Dear family, spouses, significant others, parents, friends, loved ones, and concerned others of those affected by excessive gaming,

Welcome to OLG-Anon.

We know this is a frustrating, sad time for you, or you would not be here.  We are here so you are not alone.  We share our experience, strength and hope to help each other recover and heal from problems caused by excessive gaming.

What your heart is telling you, is right!  Excessive gaming can suck the real life out of a person and any one who has relationships with that person.  It is baffling, cunning and powerful. 

Please read the Welcome Letter that best applies to your situation. These have been written by those who have gone before you.  They contain words of encouragement and things you can do, now!

Welcome letter for Parents of Children (Under 18)
Welcome letter for Parents of Adult Children (Over 18)
Welcome letter to Spouses/Significant Others

For additional support, click here for Helpful Information.

General information:

To learn more about us, please read Who We Are and Frequently Asked Questions.

The olganon.org website supports:  

  • The OLGA fellowship (recovering excessive/addicted gamers)
  • The OLG-Anon fellowship (friends and family of excessive gamers)
  • Outreach (press/media, professionals, the public service division that educates about the “dark-side” of gaming.)

Because you are a family, friend, loved one, parent, spouse or concerned other, you are an OLG-Anon member. You are also encouraged to go to the Outreach section. There is a LOT of information there, that may be helpful to you.

If you have questions or concerns, or think your login is too revealing, you may contact a moderator or an administrator for help. Our moderators are WoW Parent.  Our administrators are ( silvertabby, polga, gamersmom or lizwool).  You can also post in our Website Help forum.

Please donate!

This organization is financially supported by you, the members. If you have found hope here,  please make donations, so we can continue our mission. To make a donation, please Donate Here.    We are a registered 501c3 organization in the U.S., so all U.S. donations are tax deductible.  Thank you for supporting our Community!

We hope this information helps you find support here.


The Staff at On-Line Gamers Anonymous