Anyone from the northern IL / southern WI area?

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Anyone from the northern IL / southern WI area?

I live in Central, Northern IL, I am very seriously considering starting a chapter of OLG anon in this area, as this site has helped me tons, and I know that if we had an actual "physical" meeting here, we ( me, olg anon , former gamers in general ) could help so many more, If i can find at least 3 or 4 as a "base population" from around this area I will look ( seriously ) into starting up a chapter here,

so if your from the Nothern IL ish area, or southern WI reply here or PM me to let me know, if i get enough replies ill post here with my plans to move forward :>

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Re: Anyone from the northern IL / southern WI area?

Well I"m in the Caribbean, myself. But the college campuses nearby are probably loaded with spouses and significant others of gamers, unhappily, so you might be able to organize something through their Deans of Students or other equivalent people.

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