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Enabler question

From what little I know about gaming addiction, I feel that some enablers (especially those who enable children or teenagers) started enabling the addict only after the addict proved itself in-game.

For examples of what I mean, consider a would-be enabler that would provide some concessions to the addict only on the condition that the addict achieves a certain rank on a FPS or MOBA leaderboard, or clears the latest raid tier in its highest difficulty in a MMORPG, or otherwise achieves some other endgame goal that requires significant amounts of skill (and often a significant time investment as well) to attain.

Or another person that starts enabling only well after the addict becomes an established player in its game of addiction.

Now, I realize that some of the most tragic stories I've read here involve players at the highest echelons of their respective games but how often do you see enablers put the addicts on trial before they start enabling them, or wait for the addict to make a name for itself in-game before enabling the addict?

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I don't understand what you

I don't understand what you are saying.

In addictions speak, "Enabling" is any behaviour by a loved one or other person that facilitates an addict to continue in their addictions and means that the addict does not feel the bad consequences of their choices because of the actions of the loved one. It starts early, before the loved one realises what they are doing. The loved one who enables often cannot see the effect their behaviour is having in keeping the addict in addiction, so the enabling continues. We recommend that loved ones examine their part in the addiction. Do they lie for the addict to the boss when the addict cnnot show up for work the next day because of an all-nighter ? Do they continue to serve meals at the computer ? Do they keep quiet and and not challenge the gamer about shirking their responsibilities to the family ? Do they pretend everything is OK ? Do they earn money for the family while the gamer just games and does nothing to provide for the family ? These are examples of enabling actions.


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