Interactive alternatives to gaming?

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Interactive alternatives to gaming?

Hello all, this is my first post in this forum, so hopefully this is in the right section.

I'm not exactly a "far addictive" gamer as it hasn't effected my life largely (it used to be worse), but I see that this addiction could very well get to that point, which I would NOT want to happen.

Anyways, last January I made it one of my New Year resolutions to either game significantly less; or none at all.

The progress I made on that resolution was slow but steady. Every day I'd uninstall one game (PC gamer) and the fact my internet bandwidth cap is annoyingly low (20 GB), certainly kept the games I uninstalled off.

Unfortunately, after a couple months, I forgot about my resolution and had joined a computer forum (I love computers and am quite savvy with them) and the community kept me quite entertained for awhile.

But as the school year set in, my friends started to play LoL. So I, of course, installed the game to play a bit. I didn't really mind the game; wasn't particularily good nor bad at it. It was the perfect "social" game for me that I would find utterly boring unless I were playing it with friends. However, this started another influx of me installing more games and forgetting my resolution.

So I installed games left and right, hopping between games and completely forgetting responsibilities and opting to eat my dinners at the computer instead of downstairs. This was obviously a problem.

So realizing this, I started to think of alternatives to gaming. I went back to the computer forum and that keeps me entertained for quite awhile; but sometimes the community just runs dry or you just dont feel social that day. My other alternative was watching anime; and I can easily sink time into the to kill time but... Unlike some people, I can't just sit there for hours and do... Nothing.

So I need another alternative to gaming; something interactive that makes my brain think... Any ideas?

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Welcome to OLGA, elemein. 

Welcome to OLGA, elemein. There's actually a whole thread dedicated to discussing alternatives to gaming, and you might find some of the things mentioned there helpful. Here's the link...

I do have a word of caution...addiction is a progressive disease, meaning that it can only get worse with the passage of time. If you're an addict, abstinence is going to be your only real viable choice in the long run. Right now you're trying to moderate, and every addict on this site can tell you that it's not possible for an addict to moderate. It's your life, and you're welcome to try moderation if you think you can make it work, but the fact that your last attempt at moderation failed is something that you ignore at your own risk. If you want to try the abstinence route (highly recommended), we'll be here to help you out. Until next time I hear from you, I hope things go well for you...

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