Where to begin?

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Where to begin?

Sorry, I haven't done due research, but I'm just a bit desperate and writing this post seeking guidance. I live at home with my mom but it has become unsustainable and I am likely to soon be homeless. I am worried and anxious about this. My first question would be what are my immediate options as a 22 year old if I am kicked out of my house, and is there any hope to get my life back together, truly, if I become homeless. I am horrified of it but it is the reality I have created because of my addiction to gaming and the internet.


Second, and less urgent, if I manage to buy some time here still in my mom's house, or find some other temporary living arrangement, what are the steps to take to properly work back into a healthy/recovered life? How do I avoid the temptations of gaming and stay honest with myself about my addiction?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the ramble. Thank you.


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Welcome Noah 


Welcome to the forum Noah

You may find support by attending online meetings for gamers. check the link in my signature for gamer meetings

Check out the link for info for gamers on what you could do to start recovery

I do not live in the US but I believe as a worst case scenario, there are homeless shelters provided where you could stay. Are you not able to look for a job so that you can become self supporting and then rent a place ? Do you have friends where you can crash for a few days to get your bearings ? 

Perhaps look on the internet  for advice about homelessness in the area which you live

Has your mom been to this site to learn about video game addiciton ? 

What does she want you to do to change your ways ? 

If she asked for all your screens to be locked away by her would you open to stay at home while you go though a brain reset ?

So many things might happen it's hard to know what to say. 

Keep coimg back for support.




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