Documentary on internet gaming

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Documentary on internet gaming

Hello, my name is Melinda. I am making a short documentary (10 min) about internet gaming safety with 3 other college students at Reel Works Teen Filmmaking in Brooklyn, NY ( Reel Works was contracted by the New York City Department of Education to make this educational film.
We are looking for someone who was/is addicted to internet gaming, lives in the NYC area, and is willing to be interviewed on camera about it - meaning, they must break beyond the anonymity that this site offers.
Our intention in making this film is to say that gaming is great, it isn't going away, but it does have problems, and those problems have solutions.

Hope to get a response!

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Well, you've certainly

Well, you've certainly missed out on the purpose of this website completely. For one, this is a self-help tewlve step program for recovery from excessive gaming. We do not attack any game in particular but neither do we attempt to glorify gaming. Your concept that solutions can be brought about by a ten minute film are suggestive that these problems are not serious, such as addiction, which does not have a cure, only treatment. The best treatment being the application and use of the twelve steps of recovery. Good luck on your project, but I personally feel more research should have been done.

"There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative." --W. Clement Stone

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Gaming might be great for

Gaming might be great for the people who are able to MANAGE it. This site is for us, gaming junkies. For people like me there is no happy gaming. I am a MMORPG addict and i lost control over my online gaming. Try to see what happens with people who spend 10 + hrs per day playing WOW (for example).