Looking for an OLGA speaker

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Looking for an OLGA speaker


My name is Carlos Delgado, and I am a member of the Sunday Ministry Team at a small church in La Mirada, CA, called New Heart Community Church (http://www.newheart.cc/). In February and March, our church is doing a 9-week series of Sunday services related to addiction and 12-step recovery, and on most of these Sundays we hope to secure speakers from various 12-step recovery groups, willing to share their experience, strength, and hope with our congregation.

My purpose in contacting you, then, is to find a speaker from Online Gamers Anonymous to speak to our congregation on March 25, 2012 (service begins at 10:30AM; speaker has the floor from approximately 11:00 - 11:45AM). Is there someone willing to speak with whom I might be put in contact? Please feel free to give my contact information to those willing to help (phone: 562.325.7610; email: ilovebonzo@gmail.com).

We are doing this series because it has become obvious to us as a congregation that we suffer from all kinds harmful thinking and behaviors, and that we need to know more about a program of action that works. A few of us are members of various 12-step groups, while many others are interested but shy. We hope speakers will be able to relate their stories, and connect with our members, thereby opening up a broader conversation among us, so that finding the right recovery group is an eventual possibility.

Thank you very much for any help you might offer.