Keeping it by giving it away or Paying It Forward (helping others)

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Keeping it by giving it away or Paying It Forward (helping others)

I would like to address the issue of service.

Yes, it is a key foundation of 12 Step Programmes. But that does not mean it is exclusive. When I explained the concept recently in the chat room, a young recovering gamer referred to the idea: 'Paying It Forward (like the film)'

Why should you help other Recovering Gamers or Family Members of Gaming Addicts? Here are some reasons why I do it:

It is a great substitute for gaming - spending time helping others takes only a fraction of the time we spent gaming

It is a great reminder of what it used to be like - much as I cringe at the description of others despair and desperation - it is a great reminder of how far I have gone and where I can easily go if I pick up the game (we keep it by giving it away)

I believe addiction is a disease of selfishness and the best way to overcome this is to give of yourself and your time

What are some of things you can do?

Lurking the chat room - that is one of the first places newcomers go to when they arrive on this site (I do it when watching TV if there is no one on - there is a convient chime which tells me another person has arrived)

Share your own experience, strength and hope on the web site - in a post or blog (how you have been able to recover, and some of the challenges you are facing)

Post in reply to other people encouraging them in their journey to recovery

Take someone under your wing. Be a buddy. Or a sponsor. Or if you are not a Stepper be a Big Brother/Sister or mentor. Just reach out to another person

There are a number of Skype and chat meetings which require people to show up regularly to chair, in different time zones. Sign up for one of these. Or start your own - all you need is chat moderator status (contact me). If you dont like the topics - please choose your own

If you are the wife or other family member of a gamer, and you are finding some ways to cope with your situation - please volunteer. We are desperately short of Olga-anon members who are volunteering to help others.

And if you need more information or wish to discuss how you can get involved in service, please contact me directly by PM or by Skype.

Yours in recovery,

- pete

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Keeping it by giving it away or Paying It Forward(helping other)

I am glad to read your post Thank you so much.

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