Need Help from OLGA Members

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Need Help from OLGA Members

Do you know of an organization, school or church that will host a free Mind, Body & Spirit Conference for the Youth & Families?

I've assembled a team of superstar speakers who care about the Youth: Tyree Washington (8 time gold medalist in Track-n-Field, and Wayne Elsey (founder of and

Tyree, Wayne, and I are looking for a large church, school or organization in Orlando, Florida to host a Mind, Body & Spirit Conference for the Youth & Families. I will talk about video game addiction & stealing of the mind, Wayne will talk about building non-profits to make the world a better place, and Tyree will discuss drug abuse & building the body for success. We will focus on time management and inspire the youth for greatness. The cost of the conference is FREE.

We will ask for donations that will be split up amongst our non-profits. Part of my portion of the donations will given back to the the host organization and part will be donated to Online Gamers Anonymous, Wayne's will be donated to his Haiti Missions & non-profits, and Tyree's will be donated to

If you're connected to an organization that can host 2000-3000 people, please let me know. I think a large church would be perfect and would be interested in something like this.

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