New site looks great!

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New site looks great!

Seriously, props to the guy that made it. I can't remember at the moment what his handle is. Only thing I can suggest is some URL rewriting to make the links pretty, and you might check in to using Wordpress MU for blogs. It supports wildcard subdomains, so you can have a user's blog located at There just might be a bridge for it, who knows. Just a thought ;)

JamesW (not verified)
Thanks... There is a clean

Thanks... There is a clean URL feature that would get rid of the "?q=" in all of the URL's - I would love to be able to use it, but I've read through all of the documentation in how to enable it and I'm not quite experienced enough to take it on yet. It involves modifying the .htaccess file and more. We haven't discussed the blogs much, but I kinda feel it would be better to keep them rather generic and ugly. Sometimes visitors to this site have a tendency to border on channeling their gaming addictions to this and other online communities. Making the site too "fun" might enable that. I appreciate all comments on the site, especially from others "in the biz". :-)

J. DOe
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James, removing the "?q="

James, removing the "?q=" from the URL's will likely mean that it will break all of the links that people have used to point to other parts of the site since we moved to this new forum software. This is not a particularly big deal but it should be considered. However, this problem may be moot if there is any automated way to fix up these links. Also, I agree with being careful to not make the site too much "fun" for people since a fair number of people with gaming addiction also have a more general computer addiction. Although these people can always find some other communities to fulfill their addictive tendencies, we should not make it too easy for them to do so with OLGA.

- John O.

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Hey Jacob, Good to hear from

Hey Jacob, Good to hear from you again! Liz

Liz Woolley

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I agree with being careful

I agree with being careful to deviate from the current site's design, since the intent on changing it in the first place was to keep it looking more professional so that it would be believed as a serious attempt at our mission.

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I'm also loving Wordpress

I'm also loving Wordpress myself, and I've been reading up a bit on Wordpress MU, but Droopal is clearing working for you James, so stick with it!

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