Recent posts page: is it possible to add Forum Name?

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Recent posts page: is it possible to add Forum Name?


I use the Recent Posts page a lot to see & browse what's new.

It would be very helpful to me (and likely others) if one of the columns was "Forum Name" instead of or in addition to the "Type" column.

Without a "Forum Name" column, I don't know for sure if a thread is for Gamers or Anons. I don't know if it's a News item with content I'd like to avoid or I Need Help or General Discussion.

Thanks for your consideration! And for your work on the site. I will periodicly send donations and encourage others to do the same.


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Hi Scott, That is a GREAT

Hi Scott,

That is a GREAT suggestion. Right now, we are looking for a new webmaster, as our current one is on family leave. We will implement your suggestion when we find someone who knows drupal.


Liz Woolley

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