Graduate Student Looking for NYC-based Gaming Addict

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Graduate Student Looking for NYC-based Gaming Addict


I'm a student at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism in NYC. For my masters project, I'm writing a magazine length piece about compulsive gaming for publication in May. I'm currently at the beginning of my reporting and have spoken to many gamers that identify as addicts, but only over the phone or via skype. I need to find someone in NYC or the surrounding area who would be willing to share their story, and who I can meet in person for a more effective story.

Compulsive gaming is not a recognized addiction by the DSM-V, and this poses huge obstacles for finding affordable treatment without the help of insurance, as well as gaining legitimacy in the eyes of friends, family and employers. All the while games are becoming more interactive and more addictive. Addiction is an issue close to my heart and I want to shed light on compulsive gaming, which is a prevalent but under-the-radar problem in America.

Email me at jts2148 (at) columbia (dot) edu if you're interested. Even if you don't want to be in my story directly, any information or advice you can provide to help guide my research and reporting is welcome.


Travis Smith